Greenfield is a desktop environment running entirely in your browser. Unlike other solutions, it does not forward the entire remote screen. Instead, Greenfield talks directly to the application itself. As a consequence, Greenfield can work with distributed native applications that run on physically different machines, as well as sand-boxed web applications that run inside the browser. This makes Greenfield nothing less than the world's first true cloud desktop.

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Greenfield BETA currently only supports Linux Wayland applications. Support for Linux X11 and Windows applications is planned.

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Ubiquitous computing

Greenfield is nothing less than the world's first true cloud desktop. A login. A browser. That's all you need to access all of your apps and data. Any device. Anytime. Anywhere.


Latest and greatest tech

WebAssembly, WebGL, WebWorker... Performance is non-negotiable. Greenfield is at the boundaries of today's technology to deliver the best possible experience.



Greenfield is licensed under AGPL-3.0.